About us

Since it was formed in Italy in 2009, imPerfect Dancers Company has taken the contemporary dance scene by storm, winning rave reviews and prestigious awards.

True perfection lies in imperfection

As human beings we all start from imperfection, constantly striving for the unattainable: individual and collective perfection. Similarly, the dancers in the troupe each have their own imperfections that make them unique, yet absolutely perfect. It is this paradox that is encapsulated in the company's name.

International recognition

Under the artistic direction of its founders, Walter Matteini and Ina Broeckx, the company has proved tirelessly creative as it evolves, expanding its repertoire and delighting audiences with its sensitive and compelling performances and bold, often courageous, artistic choices. In doing so, it has gained international recognition, securing its rightful place in the artistic landscape.

imPerfect Dancers Company has taken its repertoire on tour, with performances in North America (Canada and the USA), South America (Colombia and Uruguay), Africa (Tanzania), Asia (Israel and Turkey) and, not least, Europe (Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland and the Netherlands).

Distinctive language

Energetic, emotional, receptive and motivated – these are just a few words that characterise the artistic duo and their work. “Our choreographic language is intensely physical and athletic, and hinges on our quest to explore and understand the human soul in all its different facets. Our work seeks to create an emotional connection with the audience. While we usually draw inspiration from history and literature, our choice of themes is always guided by careful consideration of several factors: their cultural depth, their potential to be developed in an original and modern fashion, their artistic interest and the emotions they evoke. When we translate our ideas into movements, we always start from the music. And then the sole purpose is to convey emotion.”

Company in residence

Since the 2011 season imPerfect Dancers Company has been the resident dance company of the Pisa Opera and Ballet Theatre in Italy.

Photo at top © Paul Gordon Emerson